MidWest Aero

MidWest Aero is the FBO at KDNV.  They provide full service 100LL and Jet-A fuel.  The staff are trained and capable of handling a wide array of aircraft including military aircraft and business jets.

MidWest Aero is staffed from 8am to 5pm daily with after hours call out services available for a fee.

Crew cars are available as first come first served.  

Vendings machines, flight planning, snooze room and weather room and multiple lounging areas are on site.


KDNV stays incredibly competitive with fuel prices by offering 24/7 Self-Serve 100LL fuel, located on the south end of the ramp.  Also available are Full-Service Jet A and 100LL.

For more information, please call (217) 442-4624

24 Hour Pilot Lounge

A 24 hour pilot lounge is available in the brick building (The Flight Line) on the airfield.  Vending, private restroom, table for flight planning and couch and recliner for resting are available at all hours.

Hangar Rental

Vermilion Regional Airport has many different types of hangars available for rent, ranging in price from $70 to $250 per month.


(South Side)
$ 85 / month
  • 866 square feet

Hangar 14

$ 138 / month
  • 1,000 square feet

Hangar 12

$ 152 / month
  • 1,034 square feet

Hangar 13

$ 186 / month
  • 1,214 square feet


(North Side)
$ 271 / month
  • Avg. 1,800 square feet

For availability information contact airport at 217-442-4624

or email: