The Vermilion Regional Airport was completed and opened for business in 1948.

VRA is a publicly owned, public use, General Aviation Airport located in Vermilion County 4 miles NE of the City of Danville, Illinois.

The Airport provides over 2 miles of paved surface with 3 Runways, one of which is over 6000 ft. long and another that is a Turf runway with a 150 foot wide surface. Taxiways, and Roadways with lighting and NAV systems. A Full Service FBO provides Jet A fuel and 100LL fuel at competitive prices.

Airfield Information

Blue Plane Icon

Runway 3/21

• 6,006ft long
• 100ft wide
• Asphalt
• ILS and RNAV approach on RWY 21
• RNAV approach on RWY 3
• VASI on RWY 3 PAPI and MALSAR on RWY 21

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Runway 16/34

• 3,999ft long
• 100ft wide
• Asphalt
• VASI and REIL on RWY 16 and RWY 34
• RNAV approach on RWY 34

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Turf Runway 12/30

• 2500ft Long
• 150ft Wide
• Turf

Pilot Information

Elevation: 696.9ft.
Fueling: 100LL– Full Serve and Self Serve
Jet A – Full Serve
Courtesy cars available

CTAF: 122.7
Champaign Approach/Departure: 121.35
AWOS: 119.275


Interim Airport Manager
Rod Hightower

Office Manager
Jordynn Hardy

Maintenance Supervisor
Doug Hardy

Maintenance Tech
John Brumfield

Board Members

Jonathan Myers

Jonathan Myers

Craig Davidson

Craig Davidson

Gardner Peck

Steve Foster

Steve Foster