Overview of Responsibilities

Maintenance Supervisor (MS) is to ensure the overall maintenance of the airfield, building, vehicles, grounds, and other tasks as outlined in the Airport Operating Plan & Maintenance Operating Plan while working closely with the Airport Manager.  MS is expected to assess all airport maintenance and repair needs and implement work plans to address all issues & opportunities which includes execution of the work.  MS reports directly to the Airport Manager.

Leadership Capability

MS must be capable of leading other staff in the planning and execution of work.  This also involves the selection and hiring of maintenance staff, managing external contractors and suppliers while managing airfield projects.  Working closely with other Staff, Contractors, Engineers, Commissioners and Airport Community Members on the larger Airport Improvement Projects.

Seasonal Planning and preparation is considered a critical leadership skill as the airport transitions from warm season work to cold season work tasks.

High Standards & Culture

The Vermilion Regional Airport Maintenance Supervisor is expected to demonstrate & maintain high standards of safety, character, behavior, quality, inclusiveness & professionalism always.

This role requires interaction with many different constituents including airport management, members of the airport community, VIPs within our local and state government and external suppliers and regulators.  Team Player is an appropriate description for the MS as we all recognize the airport serves the National Airspace System as well as the broader community of Vermilion County and the members of the local airport community.

Aeronautical Knowledge

This role requires a basic level of aeronautical understanding in order to more effectively, and safely, operate the airport.  Your training will include a disciplined approach acquiring aeronautical skills necessary to best understand implications between ground operations and air operations with safety for all involved as a prime objective.

Technical Skills

Much of our maintenance requires electrical, mechanical, HVAC and grounds maintenance skill.  Airport Lighting systems are medium voltage and require understanding to ensure safety.  Airport vehicles and equipment require mechanical skills to maintain a high state of readiness and operability.  Our buildings and hangars involve mechanical door operation, hydraulics, HVAC, and roofing skills.  In other words, we fix our own stuff to the maximum extent possible.

Daily Responsibilities

Our Airport Operating Plan governs the major tasks and processes of Vermilion Regional Airport including:

Required Certification and Training prior to or expected upon hire


Position reports directly to the VRAA Airport Manager.